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My past Tropical Storm-Hurricane experiences

Hurricane Experiences
Hurricane Frances Chase
Hurricane Rita Chase
Severe Weather


Name of Tropical Cyclone
Location Intercepted
Hurricane Hugo
September 18th 1989
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eye passage 20 miles northeast over Fajardo/Luquillo, full blast
Hurricane Luis
September 6th 1995
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eye passed 100nm off NE coast, TS conditions
Hurricane Marilyn
September 15th-16th 1995
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eyewall passage over Culebra (45nm East)
Hurricane Bertha
July 8th 1996
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eye passed 30nm off NE coast
Hurricane Hortense
September 9th-10th 1996
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eye passage over SW portion of PR with sustained TS winds and hurricane gusts in my place.
Hurricane Georges
September 21st-22nd 1998
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Direct eye passage, full cat-3 blast
Tropical Storm Jose
October 21st 1999
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Center passed 50nm off NE coast
Hurricane Lenny
November 17th 1999
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eye passed 75nm off SE coast
Hurricane Debby
August 22nd 2000
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Eye passed 30nm off NE coast
Hurricane Frances
September 4th-5th 2004
Jupiter Island, Florida - Direct eye passage, cat 2 storm
Tropical Storm Jeanne
September 15th 2004
Gurabo, Puerto Rico - Direct center passage, borderline TS/Hurricane intensity
Hurricane Rita
September 20th 2005
Florida Keys, Florida - Eye passed 40nm south of Key West, hurricane conditions experienced

TOTAL: 12 storms and yet more to come...